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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

MBA Dissertation : Being part of an Innovation Centre

I'm currently writing an MBA Dissertation on how being part of an Innovation Centre assists a business in its endeavours. It's a one company case study, of TCL and how we have worked with the Innovation Centre, and the University of Exeter, what we have got out of it, what we have given to it and what else we could have / should have done.
It looks at many aspects of things, including what the innovation centres are there for and how our business fits with that model, along with a perspective on how other businesses work with the innovation centre.
If you are reading this and your business is present in an innovation centre then I would very much welcome your views and response to this survey. All contributions gratefully received, particularly if you are part of the Innovation Centre in Exeter, but also if you are from elsewhere. The comparisons will be very interesting.

Note: The survey closes on Friday 06 November 2009.


Rosie Sherry said...

Do coworking spaces count as an innovation centre?

Stewart Noakes, TCL said...

Hi there, thanks for your question.

I've had a quick look at the link you gave me, and I'm very interested in the concept. It doesnt however match up with what I meant by Innovation Centres - these are specific to University located centres that look to catalyse out enterprise and licensing from research performed at the University.

It's the topic for my MBA dissertation primarily because we are located in just such a centre. It is also a personal passion of mine to help businesses to develop via this medium.

Tell me more about your involvement & experiences with the coworking spaces.


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