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Friday, August 21, 2009

Crowdsourcing hits the headlines

Crowdsourcing slashes software testing time. That's what the title of the article says on Computer Weekly :) Fantastic!

It's good to see the concept getting the sort of press that it deserves. Case studies like those for IWOOT.COM really show what can be achieved.

Testing has a reputation for being slow, process driven, expensive stuff - particularly at a corporate or enterprise level, but if its a web, mobile or desktop app then this crowdsourcing stuff really shows us a total oppositve approach.

Doron, Roy and the team at uTest have received a huge number of accolades for their adoption of crowdsourcing into the testing space, and for the company that they have set up. I can see why, with such an incredible experience for the Clients and the testers this really is a win-win for everyone.

I'm in Boston soon, and we're running a PEST event with uTest out of the Kinsales bar. Roy is going to include some crowdsourcing as part of the evening, so if you are in the area and arent sure about this stuff yet then come along and see what its all about. Should be a lot of fun.
Here's the flyer for the event: Flyer.

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