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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back in the USA

It's time for another trip to the US, and this week I'm in Burlington, MA.

We've got a PEST event happening on Thursday 28th May, in Marlborough. Thanks to the kind efforts of Nancy O'Leary, the event will be held at the HP Campus. Huge thanks go to Nancy for sorting this out.

Of course, this means the event wont be in a pub, but hey! There'll be Pizza :)

It's always interesting being back in the US. Business is done differently here. Its an approach I like. Direct, but open. Honest, but with messages that are shaped for the customer. It's good stuff.

I'm also very excited this week to be meeting up with various people from uTest. We've got some thinking and planning to do about the work we do together. I'm hoping to see the uTest involvement in the PEST events take us to new places over the next year. Who knows where it could all end!

More to follow later in the week......

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