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Monday, April 20, 2009

Donating Time to the Innovation Centre in Exeter

Since 2001 TCL has had a presence at the Innovation Centre at the University of Exeter. Great place for us to work. Amazing campus and of course fantastic links and relationships with the University.

Exeter was the place that we started our scholarship programmes from, and where we have worked the most in terms of join ups with any institution. In addition to our academic scholarship programmes we are also involved in a sports scholarship programme. We have several members of our team on MBA courses with the University and we are active participants in student projects, placements and knowledge transfer exercises.

Today, I will start my first of a series of engagements with the Innovation Centre. I've 'donated' a 1/2 day session every month for the centre to use as they wish. For mentoring and support of young entrepreneurs, for presentations, for business planning, for bringing together different groups or just as a sounding board. I'm very much looking forward to it, and the new challenges it may bring.

The dreams and aspirations I have for my future are around entrepreneurship and helping people to start, and bring, businesses to the South West. This feels like another step on that journey.

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MCTheDog said...


This is a great initiative! will certainly spread the TCL word around given some of the events etc that I've seen in my first fab month with TCL.

On the subject of Entrepreneurship etc I, too, have had more than a little exposure to such like. Back in 1997/1998 I had my first venture capital funding meeting way back in the heady days of "surfing the internet on your phone etc" but alas never followed it through and stayed contracting instead.

I've still got ideas by the bucket-load in the Location-Based-Services (LBS) space mainly, and I'm sure with your contacts @ Orange that could prove beneficial as LBS and anything to do with that space is certainly on the radar of the big Telcos - or at least it was before the recession kicked into gear - and they're all looking for that killer app to generate them extra revenue in these tough times.

Mark C (TCL) via Google...outuring

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