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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Awesome Apps this week - 07/08/12

Here are the three apps / sites that have tickled me this week, in the wibbly wobbly world that is testing, TCL and other stuff:

  • Deliverance - a great app if you want take out in London.  It's not to be confused in any way with the movie!  Wonderful mobile version.  Interfaces with mobank for the payment.  Simple, easy and I love the bit on the site that tells you where your order is in the process.
  • Rated People - find trades people.  Very handy way to get things done.  Nice interface on the rating side.  Makes life easy.
  • Museum of Science - Love this place!  love this site!  Become a member and explore this museum more.  I go there every time we visit Boston.
That's my list for this week.  Hope that you enjoy visiting these as much as I have.  Look out for more Awesome Apps in future weeks.

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