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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Who am I?

Here's a bit from my resume ......

Founder and now Managing Director of Transition Consulting Limited (TCL), Stewart has experience from consultancy in the Defence, Gas, Electricity, Telecoms and Media markets. After completing a Masters Degree in Physics Stewart joined GEC Marconi CIS as a Graduate on a development programme to be a tester and has thus a relatively unique background in that he has always been a tester.

TCL now has circa 50 consultants, working with clients across Europe and Stewart is leading the development of the company, training and thought leadership towards its BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of becoming a world wide centre of testing excellence.

Stewarts first industry presentation was at StarWEST 2005 and has previously attended STAREAST and EUROSTAR.

And here's a suitably cheesy picture :)

More information on Stewart and TCL can be found at


MC said...

You've lost weight big man!!!!! Or have I gained it. Loads a pics from Aus and a belting suntan.

I'll fwd you on a cv which you will find very useful - and when I do finally get a min or two over this xmas, I'll get something together on the generic stuff we talked about... Any links to SMaRT methodology floating around?


Mark C

MC said...

You've lost weight big man! Or have I gained it!

I've loads of pics of Aus and a belting suntan. cv on its way to you as back in the job market.

Best regards

Mark C

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